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There are few things more frustrating than bringing out the ice packs and desk fans because your air conditioner is malfunctioning. It’s notably bad just when the heat is about to hit. Rather than wait around while you wait for AC repair in Long Beach, why not go with the most trusted name in the industry?

The AC experts at Eco Fresh HVAC Inc. are well-known for their detail-oriented, prompt service. This applies to everything from window units to extensive commercial systems. No matter how complicated the problem may be, we’re dedicated to getting it right the first time. You deserve the very best in customer service, and we won’t quit a job until you’re 100% satisfied.

We offer emergency repairs, regular inspections and maintenance, and seamless installation of upgraded systems. So whatever you need, there’s a technician at Eco Fresh HVAC Inc. ready to help with the experience and tools to get it done quickly and safely. You’ll stay nice and cool as those temperatures start to climb.

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Many problems with air conditioners are best handled by a licensed technician. Thankfully that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps you can take on your own to keep your AC running smoothly.

A common problem with HVAC systems is poor cooling. Sometimes the airflow isn’t making it all the way through your vents. In other cases, you can’t get a room’s temperature how you want it. Most of the time this happens because your air filter has become dirty or clogged. Be sure to swap it every few months. This will keep dust and debris from reaching the rest of your HVAC system.

In other cases the treated air may simply be too weak to lower the temperature. It could be because the air conditioner itself isn’t powerful enough for your home or office. Cutting costs during construction or renovations without checking the HVAC system is sometimes the root of this problem.

And there is always the likelihood the wiring has become damaged or disconnected from the system. Check your thermostat and breaker box first. If this doesn’t identify the problem, it may be time to call for a professional

Your senses can be a great help. Stains appearing near equipment or knocking sounds coming from a vent could be the first sign there’s trouble. Getting ahead of it could spare you from an expensive, frustrating repair or replacement.

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AC Service in Long Beach and Surrounding Areas

For the very best AC service in Long Beach, you can’t go wrong with the experienced veterans at Eco Fresh HVAC Inc.. Maybe you’ve looked into trying to resolve what seems like a small problem with your AC unit. But in many cases these issues are related. What affects one part of the HVAC system may likely affect other parts. If you want total confidence a problem will be managed safely and professionally, a fully trained professional is the best option. There are still a few easy tasks you can do to lower the chance of possible problems.

But we can handle them too. In fact, that’s where our annual AC maintenance plans come in. Don’t forget to ask one of our techs for more info if you haven’t heard of them before. We’ll explain how they might boost your AC unit’s energy efficiency and overall life span. We’ll have the chance to look at important parts and check for leaks or breakages. We’ll also provide support for moving parts. This consistently scheduled maintenance will minimize the risk of calling for emergency repairs. That’s great news since those can be pricey and annoying to work out.

Many cooling systems last around 10 to 15 years. Once they get older than that it’s likely they will require more frequent repairs. This quickly becomes more expensive than the cost of a new system. To prevent this, it helps to keep track of its age or the frequency of repairs. It will help you figure out if it’s time for you to replace your AC system. Our outstanding AC installation in Long Beach gives us a chance to talk about the different brands, prices and features available to you. You’ll be able to select the air conditioner that’s best for your home, your family and your financial well-being. We only offer durable, efficient AC systems that will serve you well for years to come.

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