5 Ways to Make Sure Your Air Conditioner is Ready for Fall

Equipping your home for the spring in Anaheim can include many things; putting your winter clothes back in storage, buying some seeds for flower planting, and don’t forget about making sure your air conditioner is ready for the warmer season. Annual air conditioner service from Eco Fresh HVAC Inc. will ensure that your home is ready for spring, but don’t stop there – here are a few other tips that will keep you comfortable:

  1. Unblock air vents and registers.
    As you are moving furniture around for the spring season, potentially even bringing your patio furniture outside again, don’t forget to check that your cooling vents are not blocked. Specifically after a rough winter, debris and dust can increase your energy bills and make your system operate harder than it would need to.
  2. Change your air filters.
    Prior to switching your setting from “heat” to “cool,” confirm your air filters are clean. Unclean filters can shorten the lifespan of your system and even impact the quality of air in your residence, which can cause harm to your health.
  3. Schedule AC Service
    Spring is the perfect time in Anaheim to get your air conditioner checked because it’s just before your system’s peak time of operation. Our team at Eco Fresh HVAC Inc. will do a thorough inspection of your unit and make sure you are ready for the warm temps ahead. You assuredly don’t want your air conditioner to breakdown on the hottest days of the year, so keeping proactive about your system’s maintenance can make the world of difference before something happens.

Stay comfortable as the days get hotter and longer this spring. If you have any concerns about getting your house ready for the spring or if you are ready to book your annual AC service, give our experts at Eco Fresh HVAC Inc. a call at 714-855-1717 to schedule an appointment with us.

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